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These are the guides You Should do to be Safe While Sexting !

How Can Protect While Sexting :

Do not Use Connected Devices :

Avoid sexting when your smartphone is connected to other devices. For instance, if your smartphone is connected to your tab, your messages can be seen in both devices. So if the other device is at home or at work, your messages can perhaps be viewed by others. Beware,


How Can Protect While Sexting

How Can Protect While Sexting


Sexting is nothing but sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images, primarily between mobile phones, of oneself to others. But in this day & age the importance of online safety cannot be overemphasis-ed.

So how can you possibly protect your privacy while sexting?  Here are the things you should do to be on the safer side while sexting.

Do Not Give Anything that Reveals Your Unique Features :

Experts say that it’s better not to show your face if you are thinking of sending your revealing photos. There’s no point in blurring too as there are online tools that can be used to edit photos . Also, do not reveal any tattoo or piercing or any other mark on your body that can reveal your identity.

Do not Sext When You are Drunk or not Sober :

If drinking and texting don’t mix, then drinking and sexting are definitely a risk. You may reach for your phone, feeling brave and adventurous, but when you drunk sex you have a higher risk of sexting the wrong person or sexting messages and photos you’ll regret in the morning. Save yourself the embarrassment, and put your phone aside when the alcohol is flowing.

Make Sure Your Partner is Trust-worthy :

It’s easy to fall for the “I swear I won’t show anyone” & “come on” texts. But unfortunately, the person you trust today may betray you tomorrow. Before sending a text, take a second to think about how much you really trust the recipient.


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