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Photo-Story : Glamorous Poses !

Tease Glamour Looks :

Bhoomi Padnekar, shared this image from a photo-shoot & her looks just say that she is ready to swallow you up,


Tease Glamour Looks

Tease Glamour Looks


They have to do everything from being seductive to modern to homely to sexy to item to girl-next-door, Same applies for male actors too.

However you start your career, you end up showing some skin or at least tease glamour admirers, with sensuous looks.

She acted in Toilet & Subhamangal Savadhaan next. Now, she is busy with Sur Mayee, opposite Sushanth Singh Rajput.

She did show the other side to her popular personal on screen in a web-series, already & now, these kind of photo-shoots will also help her find some glamour roles.


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