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Photo Story : Mody’s All Time Fake Followers ..

Photo Story :

made it clear that all the above data and assumptions are fake ones,


Mody's All Time Fake Followers

Mody’s All Time Fake Followers

Narendra Modi is often castigated for his over the board publicity campaigns to get himself projected especially through media. Many of his critics smell a rat if there is a truth in numbers circulated to propagate the achievements of Modi.

Here is a shocking study on fake followers of world top class leaders’ twitter handles. As per this study Modi has a total of 40.3 twitter followers. But then, the study divulges that 60% among them are fake followers and this is said to be an all time record among world’s top political leaders.

On the other hand, critics further went on saying that Modi has some more fake records which include election promises, 

Modi’s admirers, however, They confidently said Modi is one and only genuine leader of India.


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