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Photo Story : Silent Is Better Than Hitler

Photo Story :


Silent Is Better Than Hitler

Silent Is Better Than Hitler

Who is the best PM? Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi? If the same question was asked to the people, especially from people of Andhra Pradesh post the general elections, 2014, they used to give such a strange gesture as if the person who had asked the question was mentally retarded.

Was it the mesmerism of Modi? Was it about honesty of Modi which impressed the Telugu people? No way! Our renowned media houses held responsible for Modi’s mania then. As they developed hatred on the Congress party then, they spilled venom on Manmohan and treated him as a robot PM. On the other hand, they would indulge in immense flattery on Modi. Such an elevation finally led people got Modi hangover.

It was all about 2014 we discussed so far. We are in 2018 now. What is the reaction of a common man if we pose above question? Of course, it’s obvious people get repented for trusting Modi. If at all following areas are observed, it can clearly be understood how great is Manmohan comparing with Modi.

* ABOUT STATE DIVISION AND SPECIAL STATUS ISSUES: Yes, Congress divided united Andhra Pradesh. But then, the party announced special status and many prestigious industries, universities and other firms. Manmohan could definitely have kept his word, had he been made the PM again. Unfortunately, Modi replaced him and betrayed people of AP in style ditching them denying special status. Strangely, other demands like Vizag railway zone, funds allocation to AP were also turned down by BJP government.

* ABOUT DEMONETIZATION AND GST: Modi government offered nightmarish experiences to Indians implementing demonetization and GST. Manmohan Singh blew whistle on Modi’s blunder in parliament. Economists analysed that Manmohan would never resort to such a historical blunder.

* ABOUT SCAMS: MMS government had some bitter experiences like coal and other scams. But then, Nirav Modi’s scam in Modi’s government created an all time record in Indian scams history.

* ABOUT GDP: An unprecedented GDP growth was recorded during MMS tenure. Quite reversal happened with it in Modi’s administration.

* ABOUT ELECTION PROMISES: Modi said he would pay Rs.15 lakhs per each Jan Dhan account, He assured 2 crore jobs. He ignored hundreds of such promises. MMS never ever tried to win peoples hearts with such fake promises.

* ABOUT PATRIOTISM: Modi criticized previous governments abroad as if he were campaigning for the poll battle in India. Is it a sign of patriotism? He also, made intense criticism on Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Tippu Sultan and many other great personalities of all time. MMS didn’t have such bad practice before.

* ABOUT SPEECHES: This is the only area where Modi pulverized MMS. Modi can deliver astounding and spell binding speeches exhibiting all elements of acting in his speeches. Poor MMS just reads pages of content in his speeches.


TO SUM UP: Having gone through above analysis, Manmohan Singh is considered a lot better PM than Modi.


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