Buddha Statue can be Unlucky @ Hyderabad ?

Buddha Statue can be Unlucky @ Hyderabad ? :


Buddha Statue can be Unlucky

Buddha Statue can be Unlucky


Buddha Statue in Hussainsagar is one of the most seeable structures in Hyderabad. People across the World wishes to visit this beautiful spot when they land in the capital city.

Unfortunately, A silly story related to the Buddha Statue in Hyderabad has been in circulation on the internet. It’s been speculated that none of the Top-brass Politicos and Celebrities dare to visit this statue because of superstition and sentiment.

According to the story in circulation, NTR lost CM Post after planning to install Buddha statue. Chenna Reddy had to step down as CM after installing the statue. Since then, Politics stopped paying visits to this location. Dalai Lama fell ill after offering prayers at the Buddha idol. People now assume this could be the reason behind KCR not accompanying President Ramnath Kovind when he went to offer prayers to the statue.

Needless to take any such baseless theories or assumptions seriously. How can somebody face bad luck just for taking a firm decision on Buddha statue or having a darshan of it?


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