Enjoyed weekend with matching heart-shaped

Enjoyed weekend @ Samanatha :

Enjoyed weekend @ Samantha

Enjoyed weekend @ Samantha


Tollywood Hot beauty Samantha took a small break post marriage but she is back to the work soon.  She is busy attending the shoot of the films which she committed before her marriage.  It is known that she is working on few crazy projects in Telugu and Tamil.

If we keep aside her professional commitments, she is very active in the social media and she often comes up with interesting updates.  She is continuing the same hungama even after her marriage.  In fact, the dose of hungama increased after her marriage.  Sam recently came up with a tweet while she was going to attend a church prayer.

Coming to the present, she revealed how she enjoyed her weekend.  She posted two pics where she appeared in a half white costume with matching heart-shaped earrings and goggles.  The specialty of the Sam is that she didn’t decrease the glamour dose.   It is interesting to note that this is the first time that Sam appeared so glamorously after her marriage.

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