GST Joke goes viral @ BJP

GST Joke goes viral @ BJP :


GST Joke

GST Joke


Even after being in power for 22 years, the Bharatiya Janata Party made sure that they will sweep victory yet again in Gujarat. But the surprising point is that the party hasn’t achieved the psychologically strong three-digit figure in the state, thanks to Rahul Gandhi’s timely campaign.

Though PM Narendra Modi anticipated nearly 150 seats in Gujarat, finally they have settled down for 99 seats, though they will form a government with a majority. And as the numbers were declared other day, people started applying that GST joke to them.

As per a joke doing rounds on the web

Amit Shah asked for 150 seats in Gujarat.
Gujarat people gave him 99 after deducting 28% GST.
182* 28%= 51 ,150-51=99…
Gujrat’s Are Pakka businessmen!!

While this is just a joke and pun aimed at GST, the reality is that BJP should really think about one thing here. After 1985, this is the first time Congress has won such huge number of seats. In 1985, the Congress clean swept Gujarat with 149 seats but later it fell to 45, 53, 51, 59, 61 in the years 1995, 98, 2002, 2007 and 2012 respectively.


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