Hero Cold War Over Heroin !!!

Hero Cold War Over Heroin :


Cold War

Cold War


Guess Who ? Having a manager to take care of your dates and appointments can be a dicey thing. This top tollywood heroine has learnt it the hard way. She has appointed a famous manager to take care of her dates. The manager is also managing the dates of other heroins also.

This manager has suddenly hiked the remuneration of the heroine without her knowledge. He is negotiating the rates with the producers and is pocketing the commission. Immediately, she removed the manager.

She is now managing her own dates and call sheets. She has decided never to have a manager again.

The heroine is now trying to lodge a complaint against the manager in the MAA and the Production Council. She is currently on a holiday trip and once she comes back, she is all set to give the manager a run for his money.


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