Janvi Sharing Happy Moments with Mum & Dad !

Janvi Sharing Her Happy Moments :

Over & over, images and video recordings of late actress with her loving family being circulated all over the web and it still makes her buffs to thought that the renowned beauty is no more with us,


Janvi Sharing Her Happy Moments

Janvi Sharing Her Happy Moments


The 21-year-old Janvi is extremely joyful as her debut movie has been loved and praised by one and all. In addition, she got a warm welcome in Bollywood.

But at the most felicitous time of her life, she is missing her loving & caring mom, Sridevi.


warm welcome

warm welcome


In an unnoticed throwback picture of Janhvi sharing a special laugh filled moment with her parents, Sridevi & Boney Kapoor is showcasing love and unity.


sharing a special laugh

sharing a special laugh


In a press meet, when she was questioned if she is emotionally settled at the present, she answered, “No. I haven’t got around the acceptance stage yet. It’s just that there hasn’t been time or I haven’t allowed myself the time to come to terms with everything.”,


Emotionally settled

Emotionally settled

“I didn’t spend much time with her. There were moments when I wanted to stay home with mom. But then I thought I’ll keep working and she’ll be happy at the end of it. Now, there are moments where I feel l should’ve allowed her to be part of this journey. But I wanted to do it on my own & then show it to her. The validation that I wanted from her, I now look for in her fans,” she added up.


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At the press meet that took place in Mumbai on July 26, 2018, Janhvi was asked on her response to the reviews of her movie.

She stated, “I did a yay 100 times when they praised me and cried in the bathroom when it was a nay.”

When questioned about being referred to as a ‘star kid’ and now stepping away from that label, the actress stated, “I hope So. Speaking for myself, I think I have a long way to go. I don’t think one film can mean success. Even though it means the world to me, I still feel that there is a lot more than I need to do and aspire to do, to earn love and affection & acceptance from people. I know that I need to do a lot more to earn that. But it is a stepping stone.”

While discussing about her future plans in Bollywood, she stated that she will try her best to make an impact on viewers in the coming time as this is of utmost importance for her than anything else.


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