Leaked : Sye Raa Stunning Pics !

Sye Raa Amazing Pics :

Sye Ra, has been a long time since the makers made any official announcements but the leaked pictures from the set are currently taking the internet by storm,



Chiranjeevi’s upcoming movie Sye Raa is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated high budget flicks in Tollywood at the moment.

Now, a picture from the sets of Sye Raa got leaked on social media. The picture features a big fort and is hinting a war sequence.

We already knew that the movie unit has recently completed the shooting of a major action sequence in which Narasimha Reddy fights with the Britishers. The leaked picture seems to be from the same episode.

The shooting took place during the night & a person from the Hollywood team which is handling the choreography is also present in the pic. The single picture is sure giving some big hints that the movie is going to be a visual wonder and increased the expectations even more.


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