Have a Look On Achievements in 71 Years !

Have a Look On Achievements in 71 Years :

At the time Independence i.e.  on 15-Aug-1947 Rs.1 = $1, As there were no outside borrowing/ loans on the balance sheet of India. But Major Concerns were Mis-lead the country, not think for Development & Only Looking for Borrowings from other countries over all in the five years Jawaharlal Nehru failed & back-ward to 10 – 15 years. i.e. the achievement he did in the five years Governance,


Jawarharlal Nehru Ji

Jawarharlal Nehru Ji


In the year 1951-56 $1 = Rs.4.6, from 1950 Indian government continuously borrowed foreign money

in the form of outside borrowing/ loan which increased to the utmost magnitude in 1960s.


Major achievements:


India was one of the first nations to recognize the importance of nuclear energy. He was convinced that

Nuclear energy would bring about a global revolution in the social, economic & political spheres,

Besides affecting nations’ defense capabilities.


Indira Gandhi Ji

Indira Gandhi Ji


India Gandhi Era 1966 – 77 $1= Rs. 7.5 – Rs.7.67, She was the most dramatic face of Indian politics, adored by many, Reviled by as many.


Major Achievements:


Nationalization of 14 major private sector Banks In 1969

War with Pakistan and successful Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971

Peace with Pakistan and Shim-la Agreement In 1972

But, Foolish Think is, State of Internal Emergency in 1975, Particularly Southern India was as much insulated from the harsh realities of Emergency. I.e. one of the reason End of Congress Era.


NTR Garu

NTR Garu


NTR (CM) Era 1983 – 1996 $1 = Rs.10 – Rs.32.67, He is the person dynamic leader & also with single hand won the party against Indira Gandhi Era. He is the maker of united front (now we are seeing Bjp, that time it is a small party), NTR with his single hand given the millage to the BJP & some other Parties.

P.V. Narasimha Rao 1991 – 1996, an intellectual, author, diplomatic politician who can speak & understand more than 10 Indian languages.

Major Achievements:


Appoint of Dr. Man Mohan Singh as the Finance Minister of the Central Govt to rescue the country from overdrafts and loans. Previous Govt. messed up the fiscal policy by mortgaging gold.

Kapil’s Devils made us feel on top of the world in 1983.

On the one hand, the larger-than-life N.T. Rama Rao triumphed in Andhra Pradesh in 1983.


Vajpayee Ji

Vajpayee Ji


Vajpayee Era 1999 – 2004 $1 = Rs.40 – Rs.43.5, He carried on the spirit of economic reforms introduced by the PV Narsimha Rao government in 1991.

Major Achievements:


India Becomes a nuclear weapon state from Early 1998.

in 1998, when India had conducted 5 Indian nuclear tests in one week.

Telecom revolution 3% In 1999.

Kargil War Victory in 1999.

Maintain Consistency of GDP Growth in this period.

Some more Achievements did his tenure.


Manmohan Ji

Manmohan Ji


Manmohan Singh (Dummy) Era 2004 – 2014 $1 = Rs.43 – Rs.63, This is the time onwards interesting frauds as many crores scams has done. This is the time India again back-ward to 10 – 20 Years. In this no developments only, scams & GDP gradually decreased year by year.


All Time Scams:


Nine Years Nine Big Scams:


2G Spectrum Scam in 2008, Government Loss Rs.1.76 Laks Crore.

Chopper Scam in 2012, Government Loss Rs.3600 Crore.

Tatra Truck Scam in 2012, Around Rs.13 Crore Loss.

CWG Scam in 2010, Loss Around Rs.90 Crores.

Cash for Vote Scam in 2011.

Adar-sh Scam in 2012.

IPL Scam in 2013,

Satyam Scam in 2009, Around $1.47 Billion.

In this period there is no Big Achievements to celebrates.


Modi Ji

Modi Ji


Narendra Modi Era 2014 – 2019 $1 = Rs.60.5 –  Rs. 69.5, Still Have one year, in this period there is no Big Achievements, Developments & Dominating the Scams Like Bank Scams, Business Scams, Trading scams, Demonetization, GST, Aadhaar Etc… There is no end.







No Limit, More & More…

India starting with the corruption, still going. But, Indira Gandhi (Started), PV Narasimha Rao, Vajpayee & Some Leaders Given the best.


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