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Mohanlal ‘Action Thriller’ Odiyan !

Mohanlal ‘Action Thriller’ Odiyan:

Super Star Mohanlal’s Most Awaited-film Odiyan is released World-Wide on 12/15/18. Let’s Check how the Movie is..




Mohanlal’s ‘ఒడియాన్’  is a ‘ఫాంటసీ’  Suspense Thriller Movie.  ఒడియాన్ Mani-cyan (Mohanlal), who is return to his village after Fifteen Years for Prabha (Manju Warrier) & her Family. who is prabha & what is the relation between Prabha & Odiyan. Where did Odiyan go all the years? Why did he come back? Why was Odiyan Mani-cyan away from his village in the first place?


      • No doubt… Mohanlal did Justice to his role, He carried the movie on his shoulders.
      • Director V. A. Shrikumar Menon, taken new Concept… Story line is good. But, film Duration is Lengthy.
      • Manju Warrier is good looking & did Justice to her role, She Acted in a few crucial scenes, is impressive.
      • Prakash Raj is Okay.




      • ఒడియాన్ Movie Plus point is Mohanlal, He carried the movie on his shoulders.
      • Shaji Kumar’s cinematography is quite impressive, as all the visuals have come out well.
      • M Jayachandran’s Background score of the movie is reached to Expectations, one family song between Manju Warrier & her sister with comes in the first half of the film is picturized nicely.
      • Peter Heins’s action episode is pretty good in second half, especially in the last 30 minutes of the movie is reached to the peak.


      • The un-skilled direction from the debut-director is disappointing.
      • The Movie teaser is much better than the movie itself, was ended up in a hurried manner.
      • First half is much better than Second Half, the audience gets a valid doubt as why is he changing various getup’s in the movie & for what reason.
      • The screenplay is too slow & it is the major contribution for spoiling the show.



It’s Over all, regular revenge drama.. But, It’s a must watch film, who loves Fantasy Suspense Thriller based stories. Mohanlal’s Performance & risky action sequences should be appreciated. Mohanlal performance is the high-light of the movie.

Legandarywood Rating : 2.85/5


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