No Real Men In World, Anymore !!!

No Real Men In World :


No Real Men In World, Anymore

No Real Men In World, Anymore


Andrea Jeremiah is one of the most talented, famous artists in South Cinema. She can act on screen, sing behind it and even artuculate her thoughts and orate her opinions without filtering it out much. She knows how much to say and has guys to face any kind of situation. Recently, she came to Hyderabad to talk about her movie, Gruham with Siddharth. In interaction with media, she revealed about why she is single and why she hasn’t been seen more in Telugu Cinema? She said, “Men can’t accept women choosing them. They need their ego boost all the time. I thought that one person is not like that and shared some moments of my life. But when I realised he is like everyone else, I decided to stay single until I can meet a genuinely good person who can accept women as they are. As they say, real men are not insecure but I haven’t found such person, yet!” When it comes to appearing in Telugu movies, she said, “When Telugu producers and directors are not thinking about me and not offering me, then I can’t act in Telugu too. I never asked anyone for a chance. That’s my style and I would like to keep it that way. If something comes my way and I like it, I will do it.”


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