I am not in Relation with any one @ Raasi Khanna

Raasi Khanna :


I am not in Relation with any one

I am not in Relation with any one


Tollywood Beauty Raasi Khanna, back to the Success with Tholiprema & gave her a great mileage and name as a performer.

Right now, the actress is on cloud nine with her popularity reaching an all-time high. If she gets some more good films to go with, she will be one of the top actresses for sure.

Few rumours about her closeness with director, Anil Ravipudi, have surfaced, recently. She is said to be having a special relationship with the director.

The actor talked about these rumours and said, “I am not in a relationship with anyone right now. I am more willing to work for my future as actor at this point of time and all others can wait.”

She further said, “I am a good friend of Anil Ravipudi and he is a director, who gave me good role in Supreme. The movie helped me open up while doing comedy and as a mark of respect for that film, I did the song in Raja The Great and Ravi Teja, is also a friend and sharing screen-time with him is another reason.”

She then expressed her exasperation on the rumours and condemned people who spread false and baseless rumours. She said, “I am also a woman and a child of my parents. My family and I am hurt with such gossips and rumours about me.”


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