‘NTR’ is the ‘King’ Of This Sankranthi !

‘NTR’ is the ‘King’ Of This Sankranthi:

Sankranti season does not seem to be coming to mega heroes. Pawankalyan’s ‘Agnagatavasi’ Utter Plot, who has come up with a massive expectation for the last Sankranti last year, the director also damaged the trivikram image with the copyrights controversy. Trivikram did not get upset after ‘Aravinda Sameta’ hit.


'NTR' is the 'King'

‘NTR’ is the ‘King’


Today, Cherry’s ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ film is very disappointing. Boyapati | Ram Charan Mark is not somewhere in the movie. The most imaginative action scenes, the routine story, is the embarrassment of the superheros.


Routine Masala

Routine Masala

Released date NTR’s ‘biopic’ hit with a good talk in Sankranti berth is a super hit. Rajini Kanth’s release date is yet another release. However, Rajani’s style manirism seemed good.

The F2 is about to be released tomorrow and the expectation of the audience is that the film is coming is a Minimum Guarantee film. However, the comedy work is out, it’s obvious that this movie will turn into a block buster.


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