Padmavati’s curse @ Deepika Padukone

curse @ Deepika Padukone :


Padmavati’s curse @ Deepika Padukone

Padmavati’s curse @ Deepika Padukone


Bollywood Hot beauty Deepika’s latest movie Padmavati film, starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh & Shahid Kapoor landed in huge controversy.Even though censor board cleared the film after much deliberations and consultations with the eminent scholars and historians, opposition to the film release is continuing. Now it is informed that Deepika Padukone’s waist is becoming Padmavati’s curse.

Deepika Padukone’s dance movements in Ghoomar song is so captivating. However, Karni Sena opposed and questioned how could makers show Padmavati dancing in such a manner shaking the waist. Even censor board members have taken that into consideration and asked makers to edit the song and more importantly asked them to delete the scenes showing Deepika’s curly waist.

Since it affects the entire song, Bhansali decided to blur Deepika’s waist in the song. It must be seen how Karni Sena reacts to Bhansali’s decision and whether Padmavati will come out of waist crisis.


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