Photo Story : We can’t respect the Telugu Sentiment @ BJP

Photo Story :


We can't respect the Telugu Sentiment @ BJP

We can’t respect the Telugu Sentiment @ BJP


TDP Leaders kept saying the talks with Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to mount pressure on the Center will yield good results. Whereas, Their appeals went unnoticed yet again.

Finance Ministry made it clear that the demands placed by AP Government can’t be fulfilled. ‘We are committed to offer all the benefits under Special Package but can’t offer Industrial Incentives. If we extend all the benefits offered to North-East States, What if other States come up with similar demands? We can’t respect the Telugu Sentiment. There is no question of according Special Status to AP. If we agree to these demands, Tomorrow Tamilians and Kannadigas will launch movements for their sentiments’.

Union Finance Ministry informed Center offered Rs 12,500 crore to AP in the past four years under various schemes. ‘AP Government hasn’t produced Utilization Certificate for even a single rupee we sanctioned so far. We can’t offer tax incentives but willing to implement the Special Package,’ says Center.


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