Photo Story : Koratala Questioned ? No Politics Please!

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Koratala Questioned ?

Koratala Questioned ?

After Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley showed his reluctance to accord Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday, Koratala Siva expressed his anguish over backtracking on the promise made to people in the floor of the House. ‘Let’s all make Narendra Modi a MAN by reminding his promise to Andhra Pradesh. Do you honestly feel that Telugu States are a part of India sir?,’ he questioned.

As expected, Netizens began trolling Koratala Siva for being too harsh. Most of them opined, ‘Criticizing PM on certain policies is acceptable but how could anyone imply that he isn’t a ‘MAN’?’.

A Netizen asked Koratala what is his take on the unfulfilled promises of Chandrababu Naidu. Another Netizen went on to say Film Celebs will remember Telugu States only ahead of their new releases.

Finally, Koratala Siva offered an explanation – ‘We all unite when Natural Disasters occur. I feel a similar disaster happened to the state. Keeping politics and parties aside, I expressed my agony without any calculation as a responsible citizen. And I will keep on doing it. No Politics Please!’.


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