Photo Story : Shriya Surprises Lip Lock

Photo Story :


Shriya Surprises Lip Lock

Shriya Surprises Lip Lock

A month back sensuous beauty Shriya made it clear that she has no intention to get married. Her mother Neeraja rubbished all her marriage rumors saying Shriya did shopping for her friend’s wedding in Udaipur. PR team had clarified then that Shriya has no boyfriend in her life.

But turning all the rumors into a reality, Shriya entered into wedlock with Russian gury Andrie Koschieve, whom she met three year back in Mauritius during Scuba diving classes.

Now Shriya and Andrie’s wedding videos are going viral on social media. In all the snaps and videos one thing is becoming the talking point. The moment Andrie said ‘True Love’, Shriya pulled him and smooched on his lips.

In another video when both were dancing, they entered into hot and intimate lip-lock. Shriya’s lip-locks after her marriage are piercing the hearts of many of her fans.


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