Photo Story : Two Legends

Photo Story :


Two Legends

Two Legends

Akkineni Nagarjuna shared an image of ANR and NTR from their film, Ramakrishnulu. In the image they are in a car talking about an interesting update in their lives as characters.

In the photo we can see 1980’s Annapurna Studios, KBR Park and the Jubilee Hills Check Post road. Nagarjuna himself tweeted about it like this,

“Blast from the past!!!the legends NTR & ANR. That’s the kbr park wall on the left and Annapurna studios on the right , the road leads to today’s buzzing Jubilee hills check post…isn’t that cool”

Well, its really cool and it would be great if the actor tries to share some nostalgia throwbacks like this regularly, won’t it be?


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