Pragya Upset with fans

Pragya Upset with fans :

Asking to wear sarees more

Asking to wear sarees more

Pragya Jaiswal who made her debut with Kanche in a simple role later, changed her route with the films like Gunturodu, Jaya Janaki Nayaka etc.The actress recently revealed that the audiences were impressed with the role, she played in Kanche and continuously wanted her to play the roles as such.

The actress questioned, “I attended a function recently where I wore a modern outfit. The photos from the function were posted on the social media.

A lot of people sent me tweets asking to wear sarees more and appear like Seetha . How is that possible? It is always not possible to wear sarees, I do not want to be typecast.I want to play different roles, and that is the reason I accepted the film Jaya Janaki Nayaka where I have gone ultra-glamour for my role.” said the actress.

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