Rakul on heroine’s remuneration !!!

Rakul on heroine’s remuneration :

she agreed it was true, but quickly added that she is getting adequate remuneration for the hard-work she is doing.


Rakul's Remuneration

Rakul’s Remuneration


Rakul is very diplomatic and has a way tackling tough questions. When she was asked about the lower remuneration that heroines get compared to the heroes,

Regardless of the star image, heroines still get much less than heroes, she says. ‘Take for instance South India’s lady superstar Nayanathara. Her remuneration is no more that Rs 3 crore whereas a star hero down south commands at least Rs 15 crore per film,’ Rakul explained and said this disparity should go.

But, she quickly added that she is not into this comparison and says she is getting what she deserves and that she is happy with whatever she is getting.


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