Ready to take up glamorous roles @ Lavanya

glamorous roles @ Lavanya :

The glamorous side of Lavanya was still not unveiled yet. However, the actress took social media as a platform to flaunt her beauty and satisfy the glamour lovers.


Glamorous roles @ Lavanya

Glamorous roles @ Lavanya


Tollywood Actress Lavanya Tripathi, is one of the most charming beauties in Tollywood. Despite debuting into the industry with a complete de-glamorous role in Andala Rakshasi, the actress has proved that she can pull of glamorous roles well too.

With her cute smile and bright eyes she can easily make anyone fall in love with her. However, in her recent movies though she has been entertaining the audience with western outfits, 

She has recently posted a spicy hot picture of her in her sizzling black outfit and captioned it “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Though the message is somewhat confusing, she is giving full clarity that she is ready to take up glamorous roles as well.

Her upcoming movie Intelligent starring mega hero Sai Dharma Tej is all set to hit the theaters. The promotions have already been increasing the buzz about this upcoming flick.


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