Reveals her dating experience @Tamannah

Reveals her dating experience @Tamannah :


Dating experience @Tamannah

Dating experience @Tamannah


Tamannah is currently signed for couple of Tamil films but she is disappointing her Telugu movie lovers as she did only a special song in  Jai Lava Kusa. Tamannah when asked about her dating experience, surprised all saying she has no time for it.

Tamannah says “One should have a peaceful mind to go on a date. A person should also have a lot of free time and flexible hours. I don’t think I have such flexibility or freedom to think about going on a date”

Elaborating further, Tamannah added “Since the age of 13, I have been starring in films. I am so busy that at times I do not even get time to eat properly. Under these circumstances, where is the time for romance and love? Going on a date is not like washing face or taking a bath after waking up. In my view, dating is a beautiful feeling and one can go and enjoy only with a peace of mind. In a person’s life, some things happen in a systematic manner. It is foolish to dream of something which may happen in future. I live in reality and do not waste time with foolish thoughts”.


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