I had Script to MLA Subject to NTR @ Harish

I had Script to MLA  @ Harish :


I Had narrated the story of MLA to NTR

I Had narrated the story of MLA to NTR

The audio launch of ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’, Harish Shankar admits approaching NTR with ‘MLA’ subject in the past. ‘I was feeling low after the failure of ‘Shock’. My Journey continued in Nallamalapu Bujji Office for two years. That’s when I narrated the story of ‘MLA – Manchi Lakshanalu Unna Abbayi’ to NTR. However, The project didn’t materialize. Later, I had done ‘Mirapakai’. I came in touch with Vikram Sirikonda while working with Bujji. He was determined to become a Director. I believe he emerges as a superior director in our batch,’ he said.

Harish Shankar lauded Raviteja for giving life to many directors including Srinu Vytla, Gopichand Malineni, Bobby, Rasool, Boyapati Seenu, Parasuram and Vikram Sirikonda. ‘Nobody believes a Director as much as Raviteja does. It was he who offered Me a chance to prove myself with ‘Mirapakai’,’ asserts the Filmmaker.

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