SriReddy ‘Counter’ to the ‘Mega’ Family !

SriReddy ‘Counter’ to the ‘Mega’ Family:

Balayya Babu’s ‘NTR Biopic’ First Part Kathanayakudu, is being released in the wake of the release of the Mega Fans.

Mega family is making a lot of money in the film industry, Balayya Babu put any finger at your dads? SriReddy was stunned to see why he was targeting him. He has been left with a single word that you do not know who you are. Somebody else ‘Slapping with sandals and shouting’ hit up on the donkey & SriReddy made sensational comments.


SriReddy 'Counter'

SriReddy ‘Counter’


And what is your family life? Balayya Babu, Amitabh Bachchan What are the strangers? Balayya’s behavior may be in some cases. He is our family, our father, our blood. can you do anything like a devil? Does Naga Babu say, what is your family anyway? Why are your family to be heroes? “Asked SriReddy.


Does Naga Babu

Does Naga Babu


Is it wrong to say such a blood? NTR has done many great things in politics. After coming into the movies, he brought hundreds and thousands of artists and technicians. There are many great characters. Are your eldest characters in front of their roles? NTR has sacrificed his life to give audiences the ‘Nayananandam’. Speaking about such a blood, but my daddy is not wrong, “said Sridevi.


NTR has done many

NTR has done many


How many lives have your Mega family given?

They gave life to many people; how many people came to life through your mega family? Getting familiar with the debate. The mega family was torn by those who were hiding. Many people have committed suicide. You also say great things, tell me what your elder brother did. What did you do with popularization? What did you do for the people who believed in Tirupati, “said SriReddy.

Your Chambers of Film Chamber? Allu Aravind is doing business in theaters.

Is not it true that you are angry with me and prevented membership?

If Chandrababu Nayudu is doing this day, Pawan Kalyan SriReddy is barred by the media focus on his side of the film chamber did not make it in the Chamber? Your Chambers of Film Chamber? Chiranjeevi’s own? SriReddy became fire on everyone who worked in the film industry.


Business in theaters

Business in theaters


Can you find yourself polite? Balayya Babu you are saying something is wrong, do not you want your Pawan KCR?? Does not Congress want to run away with senior leaders? Is this good? Want to learn from you? Naga Babu garu smiles and laughs at the jabardast, smile jokes smile. Everybody speaks like a booze, you do not know who is talking, SriReddy Fired.

Does Nagababu have the status of Balayya Babu? Does Nagababu have a level of childhood? Are not you first victims of Mega Family victims? Do not you have a chance to die during the Orange Film? Why did not you talk to your elder sister? Why does Allu Arvind Gagarin do not have Pawan Kalyan Sri Reddy has been criticized.


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