Super thrilled riding bullock cart @ NataSimham

Thrilled riding bullock cart :


Super thrilled @ Natasimham

Super thrilled @ Natasimham

Nandamuri Balakrishna is enjoying the success of his recent Movie Jai Simha which his driving masses mad with high voltage stunts & Superb dancing moves along with powerful dialogues.

Balayya got into celebration mood and went to his village Naravaripalle on Bhogi. He interacted with the people who lit Bhogi fire and then surprised all by riding a bullock cart all by himself.

Fans of Balayya are super-thrilled with their hero riding bullock cart in real life. Later he went to Group Theater in Tirupati and watched Jai Simha along with his viewers. Balayya said Jai Simha is his powerful gift to movie lovers on sankranti.


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