TDP MP Ramesh Elected to Parliament’s PAC !

Ramesh Elected to Parliament’s PAC :

Ramesh, whose party has only six members in the Upper House, got maximum 106 votes out of the three candidates,

who were in contention,

While BJP leader Bhupender Yadav bagged 69 votes & JD(U) leader Harivansh, who is likely to be the NDA’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman’s post, received only 26 votes,


Ramesh Elected to Parliament's PAC

Ramesh Elected to Parliament’s PAC


Both Yadav & Ramesh got elected to the Public Accounts Committee which audits the revenue and the expenditure of the government.

It is a victory of morality against arrogance, Ramesh said.

The victory comes days ahead of the election to the post of deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha where the opposition is contemplating to field a common candidate.

The PAC comprises of not more than 22 members, of which 15 are from the Lok Sabha, seven from the Rajya Sabha. MPs from both the houses elected members of the PAC from among themselves through election.

It is formed every year and its chairman is appointed by the speaker of the Lok Sabha.


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