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Teaser : Mahesh stunning Looks Going Viral !

Mahesh Babu’s Stunning Teaser :

While sharing the teaser, Mahesh Babu wrote: ‘Humbled by your love and blessings. Beginning my journey today as ‘RISHI’ 🙂 #MAHARSHI #MeetRishi’,


Mahesh Babu's Stunning Teaser

Mahesh Babu’s Stunning Teaser


The difference could be in his appearance & body language when drawn comparisons between Bharat Ane Nenu &  Maharshi.

First Look Teaser of ‘Maharshi’ is Releasing  of  Mahesh Babu 43rd birthday. For the first time in his career, Prince sports a moustache throughout the movie & he appears much more manly now.

Superstar in the character of Rishi who seems to be flamboyant & Play Boy Stunning Looks.



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