Trailer Talk : Pari Background Score is Good

Trailer Talk :


Pari Background Score is Good

Pari Background Score is Good

Anushka Sharma is trying to scare us on this Holi. who is like a devil reincarnation.

Prosit Roy, directed the movie and it seems to be a complete ghost thriller on the cards of Oculus and The Conjuring.

The way the hero is attracted to the heroine, Pari and shows affection, some old legends in our Indian villages could be used to tell this story.

The actress looks really scary in her make-up but the VFX work seems a bit tacky. Still, the background score is good enough to say that the movie has enough ingredients to become a scary thriller.

We have to wait till, 2nd of March to see the arrival of this Devil! Here, you can watch a trailer of what she can do.


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