Upasana Does This When Got Angry At Cherry

Upasana Does This When Got Angry At Cherry  :


When got angry on Cherry

When got angry on Cherry

Ram Charan and Upasana are one of the most popular mega couples in Tollywood. The duo are deeply in love and always gives us relationship goals. Even after so many years of marriage, they enjoy the life as newlyweds and go on tours. Despite being celebrities, they are husband and wife and have some disagreements too.

But what will Upasana do when got angry on Cherry ! It seems like this adorable couple also have some fights. Upasana revealed her formula for how to reduce her anger on Ram Charan. “When I’m annoyed with Mr.C I look at this absolutely adorable pic & just melt” tweeted Upasana. 

She stated that whenever she gets angry on Mr. C she just looks at his childhood pic which immediately melts her.  


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