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Major is Adivi Sesh’s dream film. Sesh took the responsibility and pride of telling the story of an unsung hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who sacrificed his life to save many others in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Picturising such a great man’s life is an honour and Sesh took that opportunity. He added some great personalities to his team including Sashi Kiran Tikka, Mahesh Babu, Prakash Raj and many others in this wonderful journey. Sesh said on several occasions that Major is a must watch film for every Indian. The film got an amazing response from the audiences of different cities at the time of premieres. Carrying that forward, Major is getting emotionally connected to all kinds of audiences and is receiving blockbuster talk on its release. Here are the details and highlights of the film that made the audiences fall in love with the film and respect Major Sandeep’s story.

Cast And Crew:

Title – Major

Release Date – 3rd June, 2022

Genre – Action, Drama, Biography

Cast – Adivi Sesh, Saiee Manjrekar, Prakash Raj, Revathi, Murali Sharma, Sobhita Dhulipala and Others

Director – Sashi Kiran Tikka

Producer – Mahesh Babu, Anurag Reddy and Sharath Chandra

Production Company – Sony Pictures International Productions, GMB Entertainment and A+S Movies

Music Director – Sricharan Pakala

Cinematographer – Vamsi Patchipulusu

Editor – Vinay Kumar and Pavan Kalyan

“Major” Telugu Movie Review:


Major is the biopic of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (Adivi Sesh), the unsung hero of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks in 2008. Major Sandeep’s parents (Prakash Raj and Revathi) narrate the story including the incidents in personal life of Major Sandeep and his dreams of becoming a soldier to fight for the nation. The story mostly revolves around Major Sandeep finding an answer for himself to a question, “What does it mean to be a soldier?”

On-Screen Performances:

To start with the lead actor Adivi Sesh, with no second thought, the role of Major Sandeep is the best ever role played and performed by Sesh. Sesh might have an advantage by looks, but the body language, the intention, the transformation and everything else is all his hard work and that truly reflected on screen. Sesh’s intensity in the training sessions at NDA and the rescue mission at Taj Hotel is the highlight in his performance.

The kid who played the role of Sandeep during his childhood looks very cute and gave a brilliant performance.

Prakash Raj who played the father of Major Sandeep did brilliantly well, as known to us all. He is a great actor always and he added one more great performance to his list of the best. Prakash Raj narrated most of the story and he emoted every single feeling through his voice. Great actors just don’t impress the audiences with their eyes and expressions, but also with their voice and the narrative of Major is one such good example.

Usually, Indian mothers are always innocent and emotional when it comes to kids. Revathi, who played Sandeep’s mother perfectly balanced that innocence and emotions at her best.

Saiee Manjrekar as Isha fits the role well. The character Isha has innocence in her, but at the same time, she is very mad of Sandeep. Saiee emoted the same and her scenes with Sesh came out really good.

Sobhita Dhulipala who played Pramodha Reddy, a hostage in the Taj hotel nailed all her scenes. Even though she gets a less screen time, playing the special role, she shines there throughout the scenes.

Off-Screen Highlights:

The film has many cute, little, emotional things between the relations of son and father, son and mother, husband and wife which are set up in the first half. Here the brilliance in writing is that each and every set up is paid off in the second half perfectly and they are all justified. Some of them are Sandeep comparing his father to Arnold and calling him his commando, conflict between Sandeep and his father about career, Sandeep carrying his mom’s purse as a memory, Sandeep loving his wife always and many others.

The entire love track between the characters Sandeep and Isha looks very soulful. Two people who are mad at each other need to stay away from each other, but the love still exists the same between them forever. This element is conveyed in a perfect way. Particularly, the divorce episode was dealt in a great way. Mentioning and giving weightage to the point, “Sacrifices of wives in their lives which are equal to the sacrifices of their husbands at the borders,” is very well dealt.

All the three songs Oh Isha, Hrudayama, and Jana Gana Mana are perfectly placed according to the situations. Oh Isha will surely be the favorite for many who belong to the 90s. The background score is also very engaging. Sricharan Pakala continues his best form.

The training sessions at NDA, Pune are well shot. Also, the detailing is so good. The audience can note that a lot of research was made in the pre-production. Kudos to the director Sashi Kiran Tikka. Also, the strategies, plans, traps, tactics, and presence of mind to counterattack the terrorists in the second half is a great treat to watch.

If there is any other hero in the film next to Sesh, it is undoubtedly the cinematographer Vamsi. He takes the audience into the world of Major. Be it the romantic sequences in the first half or the action sequences in the second half, Vamsi gave a master output throughout the film’s run time.

The editing needs a special mention. It keeps the audience very well connected. The entire NDA sequence is the best part from editing perspective.

Each and every sequence in the second half, when the film shifts to the Taj hotel attacks completely, is very well picturized. Here the Stunt department, VFX department and the art department steals the entire show.

Abburi Ravi dialogues are impactful. The speech given by Prakash Raj at the end of the film is very impactful, inspiring and heart-touching.

The production houses Sony Pictures, GMB Entertainment and A+S Movies need to be appreciated a lot for encouraging and backing this film and it’s team.

And finally the answer to Sandeep’s question in the film, “What does it mean to be a soldier?”, is delivered and justified at the best in the end. “Being a soldier is not about having courage. It is about giving courage to the people that a soldier would definitely save them, no matter what”.


Major is just not a biopic, it is an epic. It is not only a film of heroics, but also a story of emotions. Sesh, Sashi, Sricharan and all others together gave a perfect tribute to Indian superhero Major Sandeep with this film. The film is very inspirational and it is a must-watch for every Indian. As a dialogue in the film quotes, “Major Sandeep should not be remembered for the way he died, but for the way he lived,” the same applies to the film too. “The film Major should not be remembered for the way its made as a tribute, but for the way Major Sandeep inspired millions of Indians”.

Legandarywood Rating: 3.5/5

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